BeAnts Play Online Strategy Game

BeAnts is a very good strategy game that you can play free on the Internet and that is really recommended. In BeAnts is a pure insect game, more precisely an ant game that can be played online and that is absolutely free. The ants BeAnts game is still quite young, because it was not until the beginning of October started!

In the BeAnts strategy game did you make different tasks and have their own anthill. So you will need to gather grapes, make sure that your workers are hard-working and build your own ant hill. BeAnts likely some players may already be a household name, for it is the third browser game of the insect match series. The first two online games BeBees and BeBugs were not to be despised but the ants Game BeAnts is fascinating to some.

BeAnts Play

If you start the insects browser game BeAnts, you have 50 worker ants available, plus there are even some grapes. You will also need this urgently after all you must align the anthill with collectors and residential chambers. Your ant hill has quite a few chambers the course requires pantries, because somewhere the grapes must also be stored. In addition, the grape can also be used so that your collector ants can be formed. The investment is worth it, because these ants are then able to gather people for you and your BeAnts in the meadows new grapes. Continue reading

Desert Operations play strategy game

If you are sent diplomatically, you can strong alliances with the many other players close as well at the desert operations browser game the following applies only together we are strong. With this online game the makers put the success of the crown, because this strategy online game is the successor of the famous classic from 2001 every hour, every day and every night you can, typical strategy games, even with the online game desert operations your strategic skill prove against your real enemies.

The start at the desert operations online game it is not you made easy – because nothing is given to you. You begin namely with a very small base, then depending on how skilled you are, as fast as you want can be expanded. It takes not long until you can build you a base at desert operations, for you have a starting capital of $ 2,000,000, which will help you with this. Do not wait too long and you build your defense before any of the enemy attacks your base. For this you different units are in desert operations browser game available unmanned spy probes, infantry or even spies.

Desert Operations play

Become a commander in war strategy game desert operations

The only thing you need at desert operations is to register yourself on the internet web page, and you can play for free desert operations be the leader of the tactical and strategically clever war. As a player, you rule over the small town in a world that has been destroyed by war. It’s dangerous everywhere, and the enemies waiting all the time on a small moment of weakness where they can attack. Continue reading

1920 play Chicago Mafia Online Game

First you have at 1920 Chicago selected the area of the city in which you want to play. Then you start the role-play as an insignificant petty criminal who is still completely on its own. You’ll find yourself in this browser game first need to keep up with small, harmless machinations over water than smaller Mafioso is otherwise possible.

You start in Chicago in 1920 as a small light, a loner in the underground of the city. But if you wish, you may join the Italian model and earn your money in the group of a Mafia family. Whether alone or in a mafia family, you can play 1920 hostels Chicago in this gangster game the goal is clear You will put everything in the biggest mob boss in Chicago be, so that people fear will be your name out loud to say.

1920 play Chicago Mafia

You have the online game Chicago 1920 a tough battle for dollars and Whiskey fight. Like any Mafioso you too will be able to extort protection money when people have enough respect for you and your criminal activities. You are armed, the normal urban population of Chicago is so you defenseless, they have no choice but to pay you protection money. Continue reading

Game of Thrones play MMORPG Game

In westerns is not about peaceful. You start in Game of Thrones at the point at which the first season of the series ends and find yourself in the middle of a civil war. The noble Stark family told the South the war. Meanwhile, the brothers Parathion want to claim the Iron Throne for himself. Westerns consist of seven kingdoms that are beautifully designed in the game. You play the role-play from the perspective of a vassal who has one of the noble houses from the series sworn allegiance.

Game of Thrones

From now on, you’re fighting either for the Banisters, the Starks or the Parathion to the highly competitive and coveted Iron Throne. In this fight, cleverness and courage is required because intrigue lurking just like in the famous series anywhere in the world of Westerns. To gain control of the kingdom, you have to apply, go smart alliances and naturally develop a good combat system the right strategies. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Exciting games

Do you know that too? There are 10.00 clocks on New Year’s morning, actually is nothing planned and you do it in grad jogging suit comfortable on the couch. But suddenly the phone rings and friends announce themselves for the evening. Actually, the joy is great and saved the baggy look fast but how busy you guests to 0:00 clocks? As no long while coming up to bumping and you have very simple things a lot of fun, we tell you today.

Take a peek into the future:

Do you want to know what the coming year holds ready for you? The ancient Romans oracle with liquid metal and tried to read the future. From a health and time constraints, but is now used no more lead it, but tin or wax. That you may know whether are successful in their jobs, a love affair or possibly unpleasant events into the house next year, needed her following utensils.

Eve Exciting games

Tip: Before you start, you should definitely read the safety instructions on the back of the Beige sets in any case alone! Lead casting is really fun, but it is after all a game with fire. Then prepare a table at which all parties have adequate space. In the center one is a bowl of cold water, in which later upload the lump of lead. Now take a spoon, puts it, a piece of lead and holds the spoon now the designated candle to heat the metal. Continue reading

The Dark Eye Black Guards

If one is doing from the beginning, probably, that it no longer is in its infancy but especially about 11,000 days play fun with one of the stalwarts of the pen & paper role playing games. But long since DSA is no longer played with pen and paper, but captured for many years in all sorts of shapes the hearts of enthusiastic fans by storm. Meanwhile more than 100 Ventura novels and all kinds of board games were released. Since last fall there’s even an app with which you can experience exciting adventures in Berlin’s Teagarden.


Course in recent years, some computer games came to the Dark Eye series to the market. Do you remember the Fordland Trilogy, consisting of the three parts of destiny blade, star tail and shadow over Riva? Good thing then role-playing games addiction was not a problem yet because the parts definitely had potential to captivate their players over days on the screen! Continue reading

Club Cooee play social online game

Listening to music is really fun but often you can hear on the radio just keep making the same songs. Often one wishes one could also share the feelings of the songs in a cause, just talk about it, the great feeling that can cause a song in a pass. Perhaps even new friends with the same taste in music one wishes to know, but nothing is a better basis for a friendship than to find topics that emotionally move.

This is often the only times the music. That can bring us to a common denominator and is based on a friendship. But where do you find such a thing, if you are not just the time and the money has to go every day to a club? Is there something that links the almost unlimited possibilities of networking and consumption in Internet communities with the entertaining entertainment elements of online games? Where can you find something on the internet that the symbiosis of music, games, getting to know and have fun in common?

social online game

Is there something where you can enjoy music that one really likes to talk about it, find like-minded people: short, there is a simple online game that comes close to the experience of a club or concert attendance and can still be experienced from home always easy? Welcome to the Club Ocoee the club on the net and the latest effort in the area of social online games. Create avatar and then off to the dance floor of Club Cooee. Continue reading

New App for iPhone, iPad, Android

Smoothies are healthy, are more and more in fashion and are quick to prepare. The new app smoothies “know 98 delicious recipes for the vitamin-rich fruit drinks and present them with high-resolution photos. Recipes App is now available for the iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows 8

In short:

  • App News: “Smoothies”
  • Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Available for Android and Windows 8
  • 98 delicious smoothies
  • Extremely high quality photos
  • Favorites list for easy retrieval
  • Shopping list for the ingredients (only iOS & Win8)
  • Glossary of key terms

New App for iPhone, iPad, Android

How about a raspberry-strawberry smoothie, a carrot-pepper-Turbo or orange and strawberry foam? The new app “smoothies” from the very versed in Gastro-themed Buena Vista Studio “Italian Cooking”, “tapes Guide”, “Go Veggie! So white Gunter Beer, food photographer and publisher of the app. Smoothies are all the rage, especially among young people. Continue reading

Space Pioneers 2 play building strategy game

First, we settled with a few resources on a planet and begins its raw materials degrade. Gradually you collect enough of them to afford better mines and industrial complexes. However other areas will be explored one invests in research pays which soon made. For if one attains access to new buildings and different types of spaceships which one is eventually able to build a powerful fleet.

So you can then colonize new planets transporting raw materials between them back and forth to spy on other players and even attack to steal their surplus resources. To protect yourself right out front it is advisable to place on your own planet defenses to offer thus attacking fleets can stand up.

Space Pioneers 2

And that is exactly what makes a tremendous tactical depth experience as in other strategy games. Because relatively quickly after the establishment of their own empire in Space Pioneers 2 one should decide in which direction you would like to develop his colony. There are basically three kinds of ways as a space pirate you roam through the depths of space and provide in the online game of fear and terror. Continue reading

Play Supremacy 1914 Online Strategy Game

In this delicate situation, it comes to the assassination of the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, the attachment the Germans abusing this incident immediately to provoke in the 1st World War. Each country is to be able to win the war for his conviction, but now in this tricky situation you take the leadership of a major European country in strategy game Supremacy 1914.

Someone with a cool head, the power is not possessed and knows the horrors of war between developed nations. Your diplomatic skills and your military skills can make the difference you can make it the story to write and to emerge from the then largest war in human history victorious? You take over immediately after the outbreak of the war the rule. You see a map of Europe and zooms in your own country, where you see your kingdom, and the subdivision into different provinces, which produce different commodities.

Free play Supremacy 1914

Produce the raw materials in WW1 browser game Supremacy 1914. The raw materials are divided into three vital categories in food, energy and material at Supremacy 1914 it is important that you always have enough resources, otherwise your buildings can not fabricate, and you get every hour of raw materials. Because you do not always all raw materials, there is the commodity exchange. Continue reading